Nadia Nakai slams haters who mocked her natural looks

Nadia Nakai has clapped back at critics surrounding the viral photo of her without any make up. The rapper recently made it clear that she isn’t embarrassed when she isn’t wearing make-up.

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While many expected her to crack and stay clear of the public’s eye after social media dragged her natural looks to a meme dungeon,  Bragger kept her chin up and still isn’t ashamed of posting more of those natural look pics.

“I am human and when I’m not spending time with bae, I’m not gonna waste time ‘face-beating’ when we are chilling. I go shopping without make-up. I take pics with fans without make-up. Like, that’s my life and I will continue doing that.”

Nadia addressed the fact that Isidingo used her as part of a storyline about not wearing make-up and slammed the show for not understanding what women have to go through.

“I get you guys always want to stay relevant and incorporate interesting topics in your normally played out script. That’s okay. Go on! Thrive huni. Expecting you to care how I feel as a women getting backlash for how she looks without make-up is definitely asking for way too much.”

She then went and posted responses to the message to posted on Instagram and thanked everyone for their support.

Big ups Bragger!

Main Image Credit; Sowetan Live

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