Nadia Nakai’s hot outfit split the net

Nadia Nakai had gigs galore this past weekend but it wasn’t her energy-filled performance at the Castle Light Unlocks concert that resulted in her trending for more than 24 hours. Instead it was because of her neon yellow and green snakeskin extra-revealing bodysuit that split the internet.

The rapper, who is counting down to the official release of her album Naked, showed fans that she wasn’t just hinting at nudeness in her album but the theme was already adopted into her performances.

Sis showed up with a long-sleeve neon yellow and green snakeskin extra-revealing high-cut g-string bodysuit and finished off the look with cut-out knee-length snakeskin boots.

There was no doubt that she caught everyone’s eye as soon as she stepped out, but the reviews she got weren’t all good.

Some felt like she was starting to become a “Model C” version of Zodwa Wabantu in terms of nudity, while others seemed to like the fashion risk and bare buttock look.

Here are some of the reactions.

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