Nandi and Zakes celebrate four years of marriage

It is undeniably true that Nandi and Zakes are one of South Africa’s most admired couples and have been together for a couple of years. This couple has been married for four years and are still going strong.

The media personalities, who recently celebrated Zakes 40th birthday and him being accepted into Harvard University, have been together a total of seven years but have been married for four of those years. The couple have two children, a boy and girl, Shaka and Queen Nefertiti.

Nandi Mngoma & Zakes Bantwini | South African Music Awards | Flickr

Nandi took to Instagram to celebrate a picture of her and Zakes and shared a special message in honour of their wedding anniversary.

“Happy anniversary to us! 7 years together, 4 years married! We’re NOT goals, just two imperfect humans who love each other so much and enjoy doing this life thing together,” shared Nandi.

Zakes also shared the same picture as Nandi and expressed how he is the luckiest of husbands because he gets to call Nandi his wife each and every day of his life.

Both posts were filled with lots of comments from fans and followers and their media friends all just celebrating the couple’s love.

Happy anniversary Nandi and Zakes!

Main Image: eNCA