Nandos SA wants to get ‘entangled’ with Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen has always been one of the coolest international celebrities and she has been sharing her passion for food of late across her different social media platforms. Over the weekend, she was engaging with other foodies on her TL when someone asked what her favourite food from Mzansi was.

South Africans are willing to process adoption papers for Chrissy after she revealed her love affair for Mzansi and how she has an ex-boyfriend from Durban who cooked curry for her.

So, it turns out, Chrissy’s favourite food is the bunny chow, and the story behind how that came to be is as spicy as the SA cuisine she loves and she says South Africa is one of her absolute favourite places on God’s green earth.

The model explained that long before she became Mrs Legend, she was romantically linked to a guy from Durban. Luckily for her, this guy cooked. “My ex was South African, from Durban. He cooked. Lol.”

The TV personality also shared that once upon a time she got totally lit at the Durban July and that she loves the whole country and its vibe.

“I love Cape Town, but I did get extremely effed up at the Durban July and had an incredible time. I really love the entire country; I can’t pick an area. It is incredibly special.”

The model went on to share her love for biltong and said nothing beats the taste of SA Nando’s offerings.

Nando’s caught a whiff of what was going on the TL and it did what it does best – Nando’s asked Chrissy to please consider getting “entangled” with them as soon as Covid-19 provides the leeway.

From her response, it looks like Mrs Legend could just be considering their offer.

Main Image: Insider