@Nasty_CSA Confirms @peacebeyondme ‘s Request To Be On The “Circles” Remix

It’s barely been 48 hours since The Big Hash debuted the visual interpretation for his hit single “Circles,” which has already hit the 15 thousand mark with views on YouTube. What better way to celebrate this than to make a remix of the song?

Reaching out through a tweet, the young star shared that he’s trying to get the coolest kid in Africa, Nasty C’s verse on the “Circles” remix. Without wasting any time, Nasty C responded heeding the call.

Both the musicians recently dropped their music videos and have both been teasing multiple collaborations, but not with each other. So this is totally one to look out for. A male version of “SMA” if you may think, but we’ll stop going around in circles and wait for the song to drop to hear what they boys got for us. Until then!

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Main Credit: Slikour On Life.