Ndlovu Youth Choir drop music video for their ‘All I Want For Christmas’ rendition

The Ndlovu Youth Choir have dropped their latest music video for their own African rendition of “All I Want For Christmas” just in time for the festive season, and it represents the spirit of Ubuntu.

Along with the cover video, the choir sent a heartfelt message to all their fans. Taking to their social media, the choir said: “All I Want for Christmas is You. May our performance of Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ be a timely reminder to make this Christmas special for those at risk this year. Stay safe and reach out with love, care, and the spirit of Ubuntu. @mariahcarey #christmasiscoming”.

The music video is set in the choir’s local hometown of Moutse, Limpopo and tells the story of a lonely Gogo who is heartbroken at the prospect of spending Christmas alone. When all of a sudden, she hears the familiar sounds of “All I Want for Christmas” and looks out her window to find her grandson and his friends have transformed her garden into a wonderland of lights and music and merriment. She is overjoyed as she receives the best gift of the season: a reminder that no matter what life throws at us, we will always have each other.

We are absolutely in love with the song and the music video, and a big congratulations to the Ndlovu Youth Choir for making it this far in the industry. Watch the full music video below:


Main Image: Music In Africa