Nonhle Thema retires from the industry!

At age 34, Nonhle Thema has decided to retire from the entertainment industry to focus on a support group for mothers.

Speaking on TshisaLIVE, Wednesday , Nonhle revealed that she got to a point in her life and career where she no longer wanted to "present entertainment and gossip shows".

"I grew up and changed my focus. Now I'm exploring a new side of myself. I've been in this industry for a very long time and I want to do something different and make a real difference in people's lives," Nonhle said.

This mature decision inspired her to start a support group for mothers called Yummy Mummys, which aims to help and empower women.

Instead of being bitter over current presenters after her, Nonhle took to Instagram on Wednesday to gush over Bonang Matheba and her new presenting gig.

"Shout out to Bonang who's holding it down proper in this presenting game…I'm so proud of her. I have retired and I'm happy the industry is in good hands," Nonhle wrote.

Her current decision to retire from the industry does not necessarily mean we won’t be seeing her on our TV screens, we will.

"I really want to do a show that focuses on mothers and their issues. We have a lot of youth-focused shows but no real shows about dealing with the struggles and challenges that come with being a mom. If I return, it would probably only be for a show like that," she added.

Good luck Nonhle, we respect your hustle!

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