If Nonny and Pule from Muvhango were to date for real!

We are not ones to dwell on what could’ve/might’ve happened, but this topic needs some gossip optimization since it includes one of our favourite television couple, Nonny and Pule (soapie names).

Even though the pair is only dating on Muvhango, one cannot help but picture them together as a couple for reals.

We are not sure about your take on Pule and Nonny played by Zweli Dube and Phindile Gwala as a couple, but our take will have you nodding and smiling all day long.

  1. They’re good looking and talented, what more can you ask for?


  1. With Pule’s six packs and abs, not to mention Nonny’s curvaceous body, it is only fair to say these two are a match made not only in heaven, but at the gym also!


  1. Although Nonny is proving to be high maintenance wife in the storyline they’re chemistry is so convincing you would actually think they secretly have something going on when the cameras aren’t rolling.


Of course, these two are not dating in real life, but if they did, we at Entertainment_SA wouldn’t mind giving them a vote of confidence.


Catch this steamy couple on Muvhango at 9pm, sabc 2, Mon to Fri.

Picture credit: Pikore.co

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