‘’I am now responsible,’’ says DJ Tira on married life

While most men of his calibre would rather shuttle back and forth seeking exotic parties than to get married and settle, DJ Tira seems to be enjoying the married life more than anything else.

Tira told TshisaLIVE that he changed since getting married and was now more focused on “doing the right thing”.

“Married life is beautiful. My life couldn’t be better. It has helped keep me grounded and focused. Now I can spend my time doing the right thing rather than partying up a storm,” he said.

Tira said he felt the increased responsibility that comes with marriage.

“I am now  a responsible Tira. I have a whole team behind me who can’t afford for me to flop. I am just trying to be that responsible guy and not let anyone down,” he said.

He said that he was motivated by the desire to be a role model to his children.

“I have three kids who I love spending time with. I am trying to be a role model to them and do the right thing,” he said

Picture credit: Yaa Somuah

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