Ntsiki Mazwai urges black women to normalise their natural hair

Poet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai says black women who wear weaves enable the discrimination young children face in schools when they choose to wear their hair natural.

Mazwai was having her say on the heated hair conversation on Twitter.

“You’re a mother in fake hair and you’re complaining that your child can’t have real hair at school?” Are you serious??, she asked.

As children returned to schools around the country on Wednesday, the hair issue once again dominated Twitter. 

Mazwai said black women whose children attend private schools need to normalise wearing their hair natural to do away with the stigma against it.

Many blamed “the system” for the discriminatory policies, but for Mazwai, black women are the ones who hold the power to end the toxic cycle, by “showing the world your hair matters”.

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