One-part lounge, one-part nightclub, both parts stylish and exclusive, that’s Room 130 Bar & Hookah Lounge for you!

Let’s be honest guys, doubts about personal safety have cast a negative light in partying on the South side of Gauteng. On the other side, not many nightclubs in the North are able to keep that vibey standard the South has to offer and that is really frustrating for some of us, until recently! Our gossip team recently spotted a place that can offer twice the amount of fun you find in the township, yet maintaining that stylish and exclusive service the North is famous for…

Room 130 Bar & Hookah Lounge, situated in the heart of Johannesburg, in Parkmore Sandton – offers its clientele a luxurious escape from the norm by offering entertainment of the highest calibre.

Delivering the best customer service most bars fail to give, Room 130 Bar & Hookah is the place to see and be seen!

As we mentioned earlier, our editorial team decided to pay them a visit this past weekend during their peak night ‘SUNDAY SKOOL’ hosted by Kboggers. To our surprise, the whole ”partying in the North is boring” was just opinionated hearsay that lacks factual evidence… we are still recovering from the after effects of the vibez there!

What made us comfortable even more was the feeling of being safe and being in a classy space where fun can be had! As you step towards the entrance of the venue, you are greeted by a big security official who beseeches you to put on a face mask and sanitize your hands.. we know, where’s the logic behind wearing the mask at the gate only to take it off inside.. safety first guys!

Showcasing some of the best in local and international DJs, the venue had some of our favorite Female Djs – DJ Tlangz, SheratheDj & Dj Trill in the house and they literally set the house on fire!

Often playing host to some big names in the music industry, an ordinary night at Room 130 can turn extra ordinary very quickly!

Anyways, the editorial team loved their VIP experience and social distancing strategies.. But that’s not all, it was quite impressive to see the quick service rendered by the waiters and bottle girls.

Scene of the crime ? When their beautiful bottle girls bring over a bottle of champagne or whiskey for someone celebrating their birthday with star crackers and boards boldly written HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

One-part lounge, one-part nightclub, both parts stylish and exclusive, Room 130 is designed with your celebration and social needs in mind. From the finest drinks to the most beautiful people this is the place to be this festive! We at EntertainmentSA can safely recommend Room 130 as one of the hottest & classy joint to hangout..

Main Image: Twitter