Opinion: Here’s why smart women are fools for love!

They may have the brains, the wealth and sometimes, the looks. But truth be told, smart women have proven over the years to be unsuccessful when it comes to love and relationships.

According to research, the root of all this badluck is the fact that many women with a high IQ have a perilously low EQ (that’s their emotional intelligence quotient). Put it in a more unimaginative way, this would explain why bright girls are often fools in love.

In 2006, American writer Michael Noer created outrage when he wrote a piece in Forbes Magazine warning men off marrying professional women. He claimed that recent studies had found that clever, professional women were more likely to get divorced, more likely to cheat and less likely to have children, ask yourself why?

Simultaneously, the American Journal Of Marriage And Family cited studies that claim the divorce risk rises when women out-earn their husbands. Evidence, everywhere, seems to point to the fact that thousands of bright women can’t sustain meaningful relationships for a plethora of reasons: they are too controlling, they can’t tolerate less successful men and equally, men resent higher-earning partners.

But perhaps we are missing something more fundamental – and controversial. That the intrinsic emotional make-up of women with an over-developed intellect is flawed, and as a result, their ability to choose compatible partners or sustain lasting relationships is hindered.

Dr Robert Holden, author of Success Intelligence, is at the cutting edge of psychological relationship research. He explains: “IQ is all to do with your head and the meeting of minds. You could have two incredibly intellectual sparky people who know how to stimulate each other with a fantastic debate, but this in no way means they have what it takes for a long-term relationship.

“To have a successful relationship, you have to have a developed EQ which is emotional empathy and a respect for each other’s feelings.”

So why is it that intellectually smart women get derailed when it comes to relationships?

“It happens because the logic of emotions is different to the logic of thoughts,” explains Holden.

“With a high IQ, we are often so headstrong that we over-ride what our heart is feeling. We essentially silence our emotions.

“Without the engagement of the head and the heart, relationships are not a safe place to be, but the bright woman is headstrong enough to tell herself that she will be able to make this work.”

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