Ouch! Kanye West gets schooled by social media users!

Kanye West might have been the ‘’ish’’ back then when he first dropped the Yeezys and the world thought they were best thing since Jordan.

However, this time around, old habits seem not to be working anymore for Kanye who seems to be trying to level up with a new sneaker range, “Wave Runner 700.” However, according to Instagram users who gave Kanye a lesson on how to name and design his footwear, the sneaker was an EPIC FAIL!


Kim K herself has been publicizing the sneaker by promoting it on her social media platforms, but sorry Kim, we know you can sell water to a waterfall, but it seems like the people are not here for these shoes! These users took it upon themselves to even rename the shoes for Kanye to something more marketable!

Check out some of the insane, but very hilarious, new name suggestions for the Wave 700!


ms.live.and.love “I fell and can’t get back up” 9’s

don_chalant100The “Water the lawn” 9’s

@10_nayy “let’s start a riot in Virginia” 3’s

@10_nayy The “I Voted for Trump” 12’s

@yola1270 The WHAT ARE THOSE #3s👟

@don_chalant100 The “Revenge of the nerds” 9’s

@don_chalant100 These are the “Dammit Gina” 11’s

@_dreawill yoo somebody said these the “cut the grass b4 yo mama get home” 11s 😂😂😂

@natknowss Ghost buster

@don_chalant100 Check out the “I was bullied growing up” 8’s

@thee_capricorn The child support 12’s

@la_keshh K- Mart specials

@lisajmc77 The “Rusty Griswold Wally World Edition” 8s

@don_chalant100 The “Its not ya booty its ya beauty” 3′

don_chalant100 The “Crime Stoppers” 4’s

don_chalant100 Those are the “Good Samaritan” 6’s

4everinmy_shh Looks like they’re on clearance at Walmart for $15….The “Walk The Moon Space 12s”

@browndetroyTrying to run out of the sunking place 3s

trendsettah.kay_ “section 8 8’s”

@browndetroy Speed walking 4s💀

@jay_rocckk The “Forrest Gump Keep on Runnin” 12’s

@don_chalant100The “Access denied” 9’s

ms.live.and.love “The 40 year old virgin” 12’s


Other users just had some general questions for Kanye.

dancethreatThey look like Walmart huaraches 😭

@___maquillaje Kanye’ creative design team must really hate him

@thenicaraguan Payless is gonna sue him for stealing their generic design

@officialshanicejohnson Costco brand sneakers? 😯

@d0p3amin3Bahahahahahahaha lmfao @ “he must’ve designed those at the height of his mental illness”

@0vee__i__Oh my lord this is really happening… i thought my Aunty posted a throwback pic

One person just flat out Blamed Kim : “Well maybe Kim is wearing them wrong?”

Picture credit: The Sun

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