Papa Penny set to drop a combination of Hip-Hop and House music!

Whoever thought that one day, King of Tsonga Disco music, Papa Penny would look into something beyond the genre that made him so famous, something more broad and trending with the times?

Papa Penny is reportedly set to release a new single that will see him fuse two genres, Hip-Hop and House to ‘’celebrate the beauty of Africans.’’

According to Sunday World, the song is called “Gold Bone,” (named after a phrase once made popular by Papa Penny on his reality show) and will feature a duo named Rafiki consisting of a DJ by the name of Godheaven and a pianist named Juliano.

The song also already has a video on the way but there is no word as to when that will be released.

When asked why he decided to go this route, the artist merely said; “when you are a legend, move with the times and people will never forget you. Don’t do the same thing forever, and when it no longer works, you complain about the government not taking care of artists.”

He also went on to add, “with this song, I am introducing a new genre called ‘heavy gum’ which I invented. My music was referred to as ‘bubble gum’ in years gone by. So I decided to call this ‘heavy gum’ to symbolise a gum that remains sweet forever.”

We can’t wait to hear Papa Penny’s new invention/s, can you?

Picture credit: News24

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