Pearl Modiadie is officially a mother!

Congratulations are in order for TV personality and radio presenter Pearl Modiadie who just announced that her much anticipated bundle of joy has arrived. Pearl first gave her followers a hint in a not-so-cryptic tweet where she said “overjoyed” and immediately got flooded with congratulatory messages.

Confirming the news of her new born baby, Pearl shared a picture without showing her baby’s face, as it is a belief by many people to not show their new-borns faces for at least a certain period of time.

“I’ve longed for you. To finally have you here feels incredibly surreal… a feeling only my soul can deeply comprehend. Welcome to the world my love…the purest of hearts. You’re perfect in every way. Your father and I love you dearly, we’re actually obsessed with you, but I’ll use the word dearly, so we don’t scare you away my love,” Pearl wrote.

The star had remained relatively private throughout her pregnancy, she even kept the details which include how far she was to herself. Pearl did this as it was against her culture to speak openly about such things. The presenter called her child her “greatest blessing.”

Modiadie also added that her baby makes life worth it, “It does feel good… it has its days but the beauty of life forming makes even the bad days’ worth it! More than anything, I’m grateful for my biggest blessing.”

Since announcing the very pleasant news, Pearl’s social media feeds are flooded with messages of well-wishes, with her fellow industry mates congratulating her.


Main Image: TimesLIVE