Pearl Thusi actually appreciates her xenophobic nickname

The face of Netflix original series Queen Sono Pearl Thusi actually appreciates her xenophobic nickname and has lifted the lid on how she’s not bothered by “xenophobic people” who have now dubbed her “Mama Africa”.

The actress shared her point of view on the nickname on Twitter, saying the name was actually a compliment to her.

In a tweet that got Pearl smiling back at her trolls, the TV personality and radio host thanked the person who once remarked that she was going about acting like she was “Mama Africaa”. She also revealed how she always liked to see xenophobic people not having anything to say after she was done trolling them for their wrongful ways. 

She added by saying: “Trolling the xenophobic peeps is fun, I won’t lie,” To show how loud and proud she was about being African and unity among African countries, Pearl shared a video which showcases the amount of African talent on Netflix. Pearl has in recent weeks spoken out on xenophobia in SA and called for South Africans to treat their fellow African brothers and sisters with respect.

“Killing African nationals who reside in SA is something I will never defend. Defending borders drawn by colonisers will never be something I limit myself with,” she said on Twitter this month. While many defended her, others believed Pearl did not understand what was really happening and that she was coming from a place of “privilege” and “incited violence”.

Weighing in on the battle between her fans and critics online, Pearl said she was not afraid of hashtags, name-calling and personal attacks.

Main Image: Youth Village