Pearl Thusi donates food parcels to the underprivileged

These are hard times for most South Africans living under one stream of income and cannot afford to stay indoors during this lockdown. Local TV presenter, Pearl Thusi, is one of the few local celebrities to show sympathy for the underprivileged and is doing something about it.

After she was lambasted for criticising people who did not adhere to the Presidents call to stay at home, Pearl has opted to help instead.

Many of the people Pearl was referring to are people who got paid during the lockdown and those receiving their grants. These are the people who could only afford to purchase food once the lockdown has started.

Whilst the country is fighting a common enemy, the only great weapon at this point is to stay at home. However for many people, food and other essentials are possibly going to run out, but the actress is looking to lend a helping hand.

The Queen Sono actress asked people on social media to recommend places where she can donate food parcels to.

She also expressed shock at how little the government is doing for such people.

“I was certain SA govt would provide food parcels to people who would be left most vulnerable during the lock down. To people without electricity and water – what could be the solution? I heard there are water tanks? What’s happening in those areas?” she tweeted.

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