Pearl Thusi to host the #TholukuthiHey concert.

TholukuthiHey we were not surprised when South African TV personality and actress Pearl Thusi took the offer to host the Thulukuthi Hey Concert, after all, she’s hot, the trend is also hot, it all makes perfect sense.

This comes after DJ Euphonik announced his plans to stage a one-of-a-kind concert on Saturday, August 12 at Icon Soweto. The idea of the concert was born from Euphonik’s interactions with Killer Kau and Mbali Sikwane whom he’d discovered on social media after their videos went viral.

When he woke up on Wednesday morning, Euphonik was on a mission to make the Tholukuthi Concert a success and if the responses on Twitter are anything to go by, he’s well underway to achieving the goal.

The DJ tweeted on his timeline tagging Pearl Thusi if she was available to host the concert, and guess what? She agreeeeeeed!

Picture credit: Sunday World

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