Pearl Thusi reminded that she lost out on Miss Teen SA crown

Pearl Thusi came under fire for using the lyrics of Beyonce’s Brown Skin Girl as a caption for one of her photo shoots. Peeps were peeved that Pearl would use an anthem that was meant to uplift brown-skinned girls when she is extremely light-skinned.

Disgruntled tweeps filled Pearl’s mentions with their disapproval. One social media user took it a step further by reminding Pearl that she had once lost out on the Miss Teen SA title to a real brown-skinned girl. @Titanbaddie posted a picture of the top 3 and wrote, “Reminder that Pearl Thusi lost Miss Teen 2003. Let’s celebrate that.”

Peeps pointed out that the star lost out to a dark-skinned girl and concluded that that might be the reason why Pearl might have a complex.

Yesterday, Pearl received a ton of flack for using the Brown Skin Girl lyrics to caption her photos. Peeps believe it’s really unnecessary for Pearl to appropriate lyrics meant especially to celebrate darker skinned women.

Main Image: eNCA