Pearl Thusi shares the secret behind her glowing skin and healthy hair!

Ever wondered what’s the secret behind Pearl Thusi’s radiantly flawless skin and healthy scalp that produces her moisturized hair? Now is the time to know her secret!

The actress has shared her awesome skin and hair routines with her fans on Instagram.

Here are her great tips that will be helpful for any skin type or hair type.

Skin routine

She shared that she makes her own body lotion using different products that she buys. She makes them by buying her favourite aqueous creams as a carrier, favourite oils like shea butter, almond and avocado oils to have a bit of everything.

Pearl said she wants hydration and moisture from her body lotions. The star has also revealed that she is using collagen cream to keep her skin glowing.

“I’ve been putting this collagen cream on my lip here and my lip is feeling so much better it was chaffing really badly,” said Pearl.

She does not like wearing makeup everyday but likes to let her skin breathe. Pearl also said she takes really good care of her face, neck, hands and toes.

Hair routine

Pearl revealed that she does not shampoo her hair too often – maybe like once a week. She uses shampoo and conditioner from her Black Pearl hair care range.

“These products are natural. They are very good, especially the shampoo and conditioner that are for any hair type,” Pearl said.

She also told fans about the importance of massage the hair using oils and she uses castor oil.

“That’s so important to massage your scalp if you want your hair to grow,” she shared.

Pearl opened up about hair loss and some hair damage she has experienced and how she had to cut her hair twice this year.

“My hair was a mess before that fake faux loc thing – what a mess! The hair I lost was so much,” Pearl revealed.

She shared how crucial it is to cut off the ends of your hair.

“I you have long hair, no matter what your curl type, you must always cut off the ends to make sure your hair is always healthy and growing and growing nicely,” she said.

Check out the rest of the detailed video below for more skin and hair tips from Pearl.

Main Image: TimesLive