Penny Lebyane takes legal actions against DJ Fresh after being dragged in his rape scandal

Penny Lebyane has spoken up and has taken legal actions after ex-boyfriend DJ Fresh recently dropped a bombshell about their breakup story and dragged her in his rape drama with Ntsiki Mazwai

Thato Sikwane, aka DJ Fresh, said he broke up with his TV personality girlfriend Penny Lebyane 19 years ago because she tried to force his friends off the road and said as a result of the dramatic incident, a protection order was obtained against Lebyane.

This after Ntsiki posted on her social media platforms that DJ Fresh was a rapist. She was reacting to social media posts by Lebyane, who claimed that her ex-boyfriend, whose name she did not reveal, abused her and another post by Swazi, in which she alleged Fresh “forced himself on her” at a club in Montecasino, Fourways, about 17 years ago.

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“In so far as Penny Lebyane, the author of the original post is concerned, I dated her briefly in 2001, i.e. 19 years ago. I broke up with her because our relationship was toxic and a restraining order was obtained against her after she attempted to force friends of mine off the road. I have not had dealings with her since,” reads Fresh’s affidavit.

Penny Lebyane addressed the issue said “firstly, I am not the originator of this post that is alluded to, and is filed within the documents, that is presented n court against miss Ntsiki Mazwai.”

The radio personality said the fact that Fresh talks about the “toxicity” of their relationship 19 years ago takes away from the important conversation of addressing mental health in our country.

“My lawyers have served Mr Sikwane’s lawyers with a letter requesting the following: Proof that I am the originator of the post that Miss Ntsiki Mazwai is being taken to court based on; where and when was the restraining order served on me? 19 years ago or any other time; why am I being cited on the documents that have filed in the high court of Jonannesburg where Miss Ntsiki Mazwai is appearing.”

Penny said DJ Fresh and his lawyers are expected to respond to her legal team by 5pm today, failing which; further actions will be taken.

Main Image: Theenthbuzz