Pharrell Williams shares the secret behind his forever young-looking skin

The American musician and TV personality, Pharrell Williams recently blessed us with his very own new skincare line, Humanrace. Now he is revealing more about how he keeps looking young and fresh at the age of 47 years.

The rapper said started paying attention to his skin when he first met dermatologist Elena Jones. He told Vogue that he started taking care of his skin a little over 20 years ago when he met her.

In the Vogue skincare routine video, Pharrell begins his three-step system with his Rice Powder cleanser that mixes into a foam before he reaches for his Lotus Enzyme Exfoliator. He then showed a set of glass vitamin C ampoules before tapping the serum around his eyes and finishes with a dollop of his own Humidifying creme across his face.

“Everybody keeps asking, ‘What are you doing? What’s your routine?’ Everybody’s got a different routine, and everybody’s got different processes and methods. For me, it was always, ‘OK, you’re gonna need a good cleanser. You’re gonna need a good exfoliator, and in my case, you’re gonna need our awesome humidifying creme. But the number one thing for me is routine. So that’s what we’re giving people, a routine for maintenance. Like, take care of your skin.”

Pharrell also revealed that all the packaging was influenced by his love of the Japanese culture. All of the craftsmanship that goes into the bowls and pottery. The products come in bright green packaging that the ‘Happy’ hitmaker decided to use after becoming inspired by Japanese culture.

Main Image: The Times