Radio personality Phat Joe apologises to Anele Mdoda

Radio personality, Phat Joe, made some negative remarks about Anele Mdoda after she was selected as some of the legitimate judges for the 2019 Miss SA pageant.

During his morning radio display, Phat Joe expressed that he believes that Anele best was given the gig as a result of the colour of her skin and she knew anything else about being lovely or a Miss SA.

“Anele Mdoda’s appointment as Miss SA 2019 pass judgement on the panel is affirmative action, simply to balance the equation, she knows she doesn’t deserve the position, how is she gonna justify her judgement?”

Since then, many South Africans has dragged Phat Joe, including radio and TV host, Penny Lebyane.

Phat Joe made up his mind to contact Anele and tell her he is sorry, he was joking. Anele took to social media (where Phat Joe got such a lot of flames) to let Mzansi know about the apology – and that she had accepted the apology.

“Just took a choice from Phat Joe. He apologised. I accept his apology.”

Reporters noticed that president of the United Democratic Movement, Bantu Holomisa, felt Phat Joe will have to give her a cow to turn that he’s really sorry.

Anele now simply wants other folks to transport on and concentrate on the beautiful ladies who’re taking a part of the sweetness competition that she’ll be judging for the 3rd time.

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