GHD Pink Drive pledges profit shares towards breast cancer charities in South Africa

Giant hair accessories and products company, GHD, has joined forces with Pink Drive to promote cancer awareness and the importance of early detection to combat the disease,

The two brands collaborated to present the “GHD Pink Collection” to raise awareness of the importance of checking your boobs.  GHD released what seems to be a limited edition of pink accessories for the drive and will pledge R100 of sales from each product towards helping breast cancer charities.

ghd pink collection

”11 incredible women want to share their inspiring stories having experienced Breast Cancer first-hand.
As women, we easily check our hair everyday but not our boobs – now’s the time to take control!” GHD wrote on their official website.


The war against cancer is now one of the longest wars in human history. Too many lives have been devastated as casualties of this war. Even with great strides towards early detection, prevention, and awareness, there is still a great need for improvements to the current cancer therapies of chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. GHD is one of the few companies that have realized this and wants you to know what you need to do and give you a reminder that it’s easy to check every single month.

11 incredible women alongside GHD and Pink Drive want to share their inspiring stories having experienced Breast Cancer first-hand. A few of those women include the likes of nutritionist and founder of The Urban Kitchen, Toral Shah (UK), Samantha Hutchins and Barbara Michelini from Italy.

Samantha Hutchins

EntertainmentSA stans a brand that supports women… big ups to GHD!

Check out their website to see how you can be a part of this great initiative.