Pretoria trio set to cash in on ‘Uyajola’ with song about cheating

Tshwane-based musician Mxolisi “Spice RSA” Tshabalala has collaborated with two other artists to write a song based on the infidelity seen on the reality TV show Uyajola, claiming that people should be allowed to cheat in peace if they want to. 

Tshabalala, along with Themba “Fizzy” Sithole and JD Monate, were already working on the cheeky track about partners who cheat when Uyajola made its debut.

The new song, titled Mfanaka, is not yet available on digital platforms but has already been tearing up dancefloors across Pitoli.

Tshabalala told reporters that the group has already been criticised for “promoting cheater culture”, but explained that the song was just a reflection of what was happening on the ground.

“As artists, we look at society. A lot of people are complaining because [Uyajola] is exposing secrets. Some are happy, others not. The concept was already there, but when we saw people talking about Uyajola, we decided to work on it,” he said.

“We looked at the ways people cheat. They have been doing this, before I was even born. The song does not promote jolling – but if you do, make sure you are not caught!”

Tshabalala said he was not here to judge those who were “caught” on Uyajola, but warned that it could get violent.

Uyajola is entertainment but I hope no one gets hurt, to the point where people die. It is risky, but who am I to question people’s lifestyles?” he said.

“It is also a wake-up call: you need to pay attention to your partner, or someone else will!”

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