Priddy Ugly and Bontle’s love story on “Defining Love” melts our hearts – Watch

Bontle Modiselle (now Moloi) and Priddy Ugly melted our hearts with their love story on the latest episode on ”Defining Love”.

Upon premiering the episode on YouTube, lots of people rushed to YouTube.

Priddy trends on social media as people appreciated how he’s loved Bontle and her family, including the dancer’s late father.

The couple who got married 2 years ago and dated for 12 years testified to be happy in their marriage, as they treat each other as bestfriends.

Another thing that got people mushy, was when they read out love notes written to each other. The letter got them emotional and in tears.

Some social media users confessed that the video got them emotional and teary too.

Despite being criticised months ago, it appears that the episode shed more light about their love life, and many were left inspired.

Watch the full video below:

Main Image; OKMzansi