Prince Kaybee launches new EP

Kaybee has BEEN making waves in the music industry in 2019 after releasing his album Re Mmino earlier this year.

In a sit-down interview with reporters, Kaybee explained that the reason behind his nine-track EP was because he was trying to “cross over” and show his growth as an artist.

“I feel like if you grow in silence it’s worse because people will keep wondering where you are, while you’re still figuring yourself and growing as an artist. This EP is my growth, this is the new me. I feel like people should know it so that when I come in very hard with the new stuff at least there’s a foundation.”

The Gugulethu hitmaker explained that he’s been working on his new EP for a year and a half.

“While I was working on Re Mmino, I was simultaneously working on this EP. It has been a year of consistent music and not sleeping and trying to familiarise myself with the overseas market.

“Crossing over means that you have to go out of the country with your own money and listen to what’s trending out there, so we did just that with the EP, or at least I think so. We’ll see what the people say.”

Kaybee explained that after releasing so much new music, he is going to lay low for a bit.

“I feel like me putting out two albums in one year was me saying to my fans: here’s enough music for you to listen to as I’m going to lay low for a while without releasing any music in order to figure myself out.”

He revealed that his favourite song on the new EP was Living On This Love.

“The song that I like is a song that not everyone would generally like. I’m a very laid back person, even when I’m stressed out I don’t talk a lot. I like music for the car. My music is literally for memories.”

Although many people regard Kaybee as a superstar who’s making all the right moves, he believed that he hadn’t arrived yet.

“I get attention from social media, radio, and media locally and overseas who commend my music and telling me how great I am as an artist. As far as the live audience performances, I haven’t penetrated the strategic dance floors that I would like to be on, so from where I’m standing I still have a far way to go.”

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Main Credit: Tshisa Live