Prince Kaybee | No one cares about your money

In what may have been an indirect jab at a certain rapper – who is synonymous with flexing his riches on these social media streets – Prince Kaybee took to Twitter to let his fellow artists know that it ain’t all about the money.

The Wajelwa hitmaker explained that as far as he is concerned, people care more about the music catalogue and the artist’s legacy than how much moola they have in their bank accounts.

Kaybee went on to encourage artists to rather focus on making great music.

“I don’t think anyone cares about your money dear artist/ Dj/ musician whatever you call yourself! Get in studio and over commit to making music because that’s what we want you to leave behind, a catalogue,” he said.

The musician explained that while having money sure made the process of making music easier, it wasn’t the make-or-break element.

He gave an analogy of the way in which he created and produced his first breakthrough single with nothing but a borrowed laptop, behind a tavern where he was a resident DJ.

“My point is, just make it work!” he advised.

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