Prince Kaybee on being pompous and arrogant

Fetch your life hit-maker, Prince Kaybee saw it fit to clear the biggest misconception about him being pompous and arrogant. This comes after social media users attached the label to his name in the wake of several twars involving him.

He took to his Instagram TV to explain where he thinks the impression stems from and why he thinks it is false.

“I get this on social media a lot, that I am pompous, I’m arrogant, I’ve got a big head you know? And I’m feeling myself, whatever that means. With that misconception, like I’ve learnt a lot and I’ve looked at how people understand outspoken people. People understand outspoken people are arrogant and in your face ‘ah this one is too much this one’, even when you walk into a room people keep quiet and they don’t wanna engage”

Prince Kaybee believed that we are going in the wrong direction as the human race if we can’t have the freedom to be truly who we are and we keep on stepping on people’s feelings and we don’t allow people to share their opinion on things. He also believes that the suffocation of feelings is one of the things that lead to depression and suicide as people keep things to themselves for a very long time.

He also encourages parents to teach their kids at a young age to be opinionated and outspoken and speak about what they want to avoid such problems.

“So I’ve understood that we are actually going in the wrong direction as the human race if we are going to now try and step on people’s feelings for them not to say much about what they are feeling or what kind of opinion they have. That’s why you get people that commit suicide. Someone would keep something to themselves for a very long time.” – said Kaybee

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