Prince Kaybee shades the Amapiano genre – “The kids came up with it”

We guess this explains why Prince Kaybee is not releasing any Amapiano track… he won’t delve into producing any of the genre’s songs, since it was made by kids.

While conversing with fans few days ago, a tweep asked why he isn’t doing the genre.

In response, the DJ says it’s not his sound, and he’s leaving it for those who came up with it.

“Its not my sound, the kids came up with it let them run with it,” Kaybee tweeted

Prince Kaybee further reveals that the Amapiano genre will later crash as there’s lots of artists jumping on the sound.

“The kids must be on that train, too many people on the train it will fuck up the momentum,” he said.

Main Image: TimesLive