Red Velvet and Belgian peppermint popcorn makes Jozi snack store The Garden of Eden.

People have been looking for the ‘’Garden of Eden’’ at the wrong places across the globe when it is situated right at the bottom of the earth, in Jozi – South Africa.

After news spread of Maverick and Jane, a unique snack store specialising in gourmet popcorn- recently opening its first store in the Zone at Rosebank, Johannesburg, we decided to go pay it an appetizing visit.

On getting there, we had a taste and more of their famous gourmet popcorn which varies from flavour to flavour.

Their most popular flavours include:

The Hazelnut Rocher, followed by Maverick and Jane Famous Caramel, Belgian Peppermint and Olive Oil and Herbs.

Ingredients sourced overseas:

The corn is specially harvested in Nebraska, a state known as the “Great Plains” for having one of the most fertile lands in the USA and perhaps the best corn grown globally. With the size of the popped corn being larger, the results are a complete superior taste, texture and mouthfeel. The husk (brown part) of the popcorn also doesn’t “catch” your throat as some other varieties do.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t get hold of their secret recipe and ingredients, so in case this article gave you mixed cravings, best advice is to go there and have a taste of heaven on earth!

Picture credit: Cornude Artisan Popcorn

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