Pretty much every aspect of Trevor Noah’s life is heading in the right direction and that includes his romantic affairs too. For the past six months, everything we have read about his relationship with girlfriend, Minka Kelly, has suggested that these two are not playing around: they are in it for the long haul!

From rumours of them house hunting together, to the latest reports about them considering their future with one another, it looks certain that Trevor and Minka have found genuine love in each other’s arms. This week we decided to take a moment to look back on their love story and learn more about how their relationship blossomed

When did Trevor and Minka decide to take things seriously?

Minka Kelly is a well known celebrity name in Hollywood, but many people in Mzansi hadn’t heard of her until she was first linked with Trevor Noah. She’s no stranger to dating Hollywood’s biggest names, either. The actress has publicly dated the likes of Chris Evans, John Mayer, Donald Faison, and Derek Jeter in the past 12 years, but according to all onlookers, things are very different this time around with Trevor Noah.

According to The Sun (UK edition), Trevor and Minka first met through mutual friends who introduced them, and in 2020, during the height of the pandemic, they both found themselves with lots of spare time. This is when Trevor decided to shoot his shot and before long, they were loved up and living it up!


By August 2020, there were already reports that these two were set on sticking together for the long term and in November, we first read about them “house hunting” together. One thing is for sure, they are both determined to keep their private life far away from the tabloids. Pictures of the two are rare, and they don’t speak publicly about their romance – but the bits of information we have heard suggest that they are on course for bigger things.

What’s next for these two lovers?

Although we’re sure that Trevor and Minka are already planning on making more big moves in their relationship, one thing that we can almost guarantee is that they are determined to keep things under wraps.

When Trevor was asked if he is ready to settle down, he said, “I don’t know. I can only know where I am now in life, and that’s what I’ve learned to enjoy. When we meet people, we should tell them who we are, be honest. You know why? You should have the person love you — or hate you – for who you are, not for who you portray yourself to be.”

Similarly, when Minka was asked about her private details being made public, she explained that it’s part of her career, but didn’t give away much else.  She coyly replied to People, “Look, if it’s true and it’s out, then it’s true and it’s out. When it’s not true and it’s out, it’s really frustrating. You just have to find the comedy in all of it.”

Who else thinks Trevor and Minka will make it to the wedding aisle?

Main Image: Page Six