How to tell if your man is using ”the pill”

How to tell if a man is taking Viagra? Your man could be taking this drug secretly as a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

You will notice specific changes if there are any signs he’s using Viagra. Some of them will be quite obvious, while others aren’t. In this guide, we will go over some of the most common signs that Viagra is in your system.

How to Tell If a Man is Taking Viagra

Here are the following telltale signs that a man is taking Viagra. Note that these are just symptoms, and unless you take blood tests, you can’t definitely say that he has taken the little blue pill or not.

Sign #1 – Increased Sexual Activity

One of the signs that a guy is taking Viagra is increased sexual activity. However, we should point out that this drug doesn’t cause sexual arousal in men (1). However, it is the increased frequency of erections that causes a man’s desire to want to have sex.

Remember that Viagra begins to take effect as fast as 30 minutes to an hour after intake. After that, you can maintain erections far longer within a 4-hour window. The frequency and rate of retention of your erections gradually reduce after that.

It is this anticipation of having sex that gets a guy aroused. Without any physical stimulation and the accompanying arousal, all that Viagra can do for you is to increase blood flow to your groin area.

Sign #2 – A Second and Other Succeeding Erections

Another telltale sign is the fact that a guy can get a second erection after sex. A lot of men can’t immediately get an erection after ejaculation. It’s only natural for guys to wit 30 to 40 minutes to go another round of copulation (2).

This is called the post ejaculation refractory period in men. This is a period after ejaculation when men can’t get an erection and ejaculate again. This period varies from one man to another, depending on their age.

Some studies suggest that younger men (around 18+ years) only have a refractory period of 15 minutes. This refractory period gets longer as you age. The average among men is 30 minutes, but older guys may have up to 20 hours.

However, that refractory period is reduced when a guy takes Viagra. According to one study (3), men who take the little blue pill can be capable of getting another erection almost immediately after ejaculation.

Some guys can even maintain their erections for more than 30 minutes. However, it should be pointed out that the length of time of the efficacy of this drug varies. Some men can maintain and regain an erection within a 4-hour window.

But some men can manage it within a shorter time frame. The effects of this drug vary from one person to the next.

Sign #3 – He Stops Taking Some of His Medications

One of the signs he’s taking Viagra is when he stops taking certain medications. It should be noted here that the little blue pill does have contraindications. It will react to certain types of drugs.

That is why when a man is taking Viagra, he may have to stop taking some of his meds. If a man is taking medication that contains nitrates, then he will have to stop taking it for the day when he pops a Viagra pill.

Sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, reacts to nitrates and will lead to very low blood pressure (4). There are also chemical compounds and other drugs that reduce the efficacy of this drug.

Examples of which include rifampin and dexamethasone. These two medications reduce the potency of Viagra when taken together with Sildenafil (5).

If a man stops taking these and other similar medications, then that is how you can figure out if he’s using Viagra.

Sign #4 – He Reduces His Alcohol Intake

It’s not one of the direct Viagra symptoms, but the reduction or even completely abstaining from any form of alcohol may be a sign too. But there are many other reasons why people would stop bar sessions.

Aside from being one of the signs of Viagra use, men would abstain from alcohol for health reasons. If he used to be a drinker and then stops entirely, then it is either his doctor told him so, or maybe he has had a change in faith.

Some religions, of course, prohibit the use of alcoholic drinks. But if a man stops taking alcohol for a short time but then comes back to drinking a day or two after then, it could be a sign that he was using Viagra.

Studies show that alcohol intake can lead to a reduction in sexual desire (6).  The same studies also suggest alcohol intake and eventual dependence on this substance also have related side effects.

Research suggests that those who regularly take alcohol may have difficulty achieving orgasm. Other studies also indicate that alcohol intake may impede one’s ability to maintain an erection.

Sign #5 – Induced Priapism

Now, this is the more negative symptoms of Viagra use. Most of the signs and symptoms we have described here so far are mostly beneficial. This one, however, is not.

Studies show that the improper intake of Viagra may cause priapism (7). Priapism is a prolonged erection that doesn’t go away.

Apart from that, this type of erection is also painful. Remember that Viagra takes effect on average for about four hours. That means you can get erections during that period after intake.

However, some men gain erections that last way too long. Sometimes it can last longer than the prescribed 4 hour period. If this happens, then a man may have taken Viagra and is now facing dire circumstances.

Seek immediate medical attention if you find yourself in such a situation. Another condition that would prevent one from taking Viagra is Peyronie’s Disease. That is why one should seek medical advice first before taking Viagra or Sildenafil (generic).

That is how to tell if a man is taking Viagra. You can check for any combination of these signs and symptoms. Of course, sometimes all you have to do is to ask—but do so with care without any accusatory intent.

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