Ricky Rick gushes over wife and he has South Africa falling for him

South African rapper Ricky Rick is in love with his wife Bianca and he took to Instagram to share the sweetest message why he cannot do without her.

In the message, Ricky wrote how she is the reason for his greatness and showed how grateful he is for her in his life. He went on to say “Thank God I found this woman. Thank God for keeping her in my life. She is my rock, my anchor and my direction” he started.

The rapper went on to sing her praises to the skies about how she grounds him and impacts him positively to be a better man.  He continued When I want to give buyers a car, she says “Relax, let’s build something with Sheldon”;

When I wanna cop that icey watch to stunt on ya’ll, she says, “Relax, let’s put that away for the kids”

When I wanna go hang with so-and-so, she says “Babe, you know those guys don’t even like you…”

This was a scene out of a romantic movie until Twitter stepped in making their own conclusions.

Some concluded that his affection might serve as proof that the rapper is having an affair while others like us, commended him for showing love to his woman and treating her like a queen! I think all men should take note and follow.

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