SA celebrities support the new lockdown restrictions

It is now evident that we are deep in the second wave of the covid-19 infections. On his recent family meeting, President Cyril Ramaphosa emphasized that, the country has to implement extraordinary measures to save lives, while still protecting livelihoods.

These measures include local lockdown restrictions for the Sarah Baartman District in the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route District in the Western Cape, which have been declared hot-spot regions. Other regions are not exempted though as the president announced more strict level 1 regulations.

From 00h01 on Tuesday, the following additional restrictions will take effect;

  • It is now a must for people in public buildings and public transport wear masks.
  • Gatherings will be further restricted to 100 people for indoor events and 250 for outdoor events. The total number of people in a venue may not exceed 50% of the capacity of the venue.
  • All post-funeral gathering like after tears, are prohibited across the country.
  • A differentiated approach will be used for the country’s beaches and public parks. In areas with high covid-19 cases beaches and parks will be closed from 16 December to 3 January. This will apply to all of the Eastern Cape and the Garden Route. Beaches will also be closed in KZN on days which are seen as particularly busy. These include 16 December, 26 December, 31 December, 1 January, 2 January, and 3 January. Beaches and public parks in the Western Cape and Northern Cape will remain open for now.
  • South Africa’s national curfew will be extended: 23h00 until 04h00. This means that non-essential establishments such as restaurants will have to close at 22h00 so that staff and patrons can go home before curfew. The curfew is in full effect on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve.
  • The sale of alcohol will only be permitted from 10h00 – 18h00 from Monday to Thursday at retail outlets. Wine farms can remain open and sell alcohol for off-site consumption as per their license hours.

As expected many took to social media to react to these changes. Although it will be a quieter festive, a lot of people have welcomed the changes with open arms. Check out what some celebs had to say about the changes below,




Main Image: JustNje