Sad-looking Champange’ Papi rocks Rihanna’s socks!

If Rihanna’s happily-ever-after has anything to do with Champagne Papi’s latest Instagram look that has tongues wagging, then we guess ‘’stalking’’ Chris Brown has a lot to learn from the Toronto-born rapper.

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So when Drake posed among a baroque pillow, Chanel dust bag, humidifier and rocking some of those Rihanna’s face-painted socks while pulling the most saddest face in the market, we knew that thoughts of Riri were probably getting the best of Drizzy.

Aubrey Drake Graham found himself in a scenario as rare as the solar eclipse. His frequent collaborator and admitted love of his life since age 22’s sexiest looks have been reinterpreted into a capsule sock collection. The style he’s wearing originated from their most recent collab, “Work” — you know, the one where RiRi was whining all up on Drizzy’s crotch?

Wearing a Drakkar Noir shirt (aka Eau de Fuccboi) that matches his Drakkar Noir tattoo, Drizzy captioned this photo “trabajo,” but judging by his despondent look, it appears the only trabajo occurring in this photo was his brain working overtime trying to reconcile the fact that his lyric “don’t you see RiRi right next to me” no longer rings true.

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