See| Boity Thulo Posts Before And After Weight Gain Photos

Boity is aging like fine wine and her “grown woman” body is absolutely gorgeous!

The rapper recently shared a throwback picture of her younger self a few years ago and posted it side by side with a picture of her present self. In the older picture, Boity is a lot slimmer and petite while in the present photo she has put on a bit of weight but still looks better than ever.

In her post Boity showed that she was proud of the woman she is now and wasn’t feeling bad about her weight gain.

In an interview with DRUM this year, Boity mentioned how she wasn’t feeling 100% comfortable in her body.

“Last year I didn’t post any bikini pictures because I was feeling fat and my clothes really didn’t fit. People who say ‘a little bit of weight gain’ are being kind – I’ve gained a lot of weight. It’s something I’m very insecure about. I even got rid of my scale when I saw how much weight I gained. But I’m working on getting my body back”, she said.

However, it seems that Boity has now gotten her groove back as she posted yet another photo with the #GrownWomanWeight hashtag.

The rapper has inspired many other South African women, as they also joined in on the trend and posted their #GrownWomanWeight photos.

Main Image: Doberre