SEE| Candice Modiselle, Lizelle Tabane and more celebrities gush over E-SA’s Valentine’s Day gift box!

One thing is certain for 2021, and that is despite the restrictions of COVID19, EntertainmentSA is here to stay. We took a drive around South Africa on Valentine’s Day to drop-off our personalized gift box to celebrities and influencers in the spirit of love and boy were they swept off of their feet.

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, which means couples were proclaiming their love with chocolate, flowers, and all variety of grand, romantic gestures. In the land of celebrity, it was the first holiday that many celebrities were appreciated by a publication. The pressure to have a fabulous first Valentine’s Day this year was on.

Below, in honor of the Day of Love, we show you the six influencers we visited —with all their gift boxes, and how we imagine they reacted to the surprise.

Mlindo The Vocalist

The singer let us in his home and we asked him if there’s any special lady in his life… well, let’s just say he’s going to enjoy the treat on his own!

Lizelle Tabane


LIZELLE_t Instagram

Lizelle couldn’t contain her excitement for the gift and had to just take it up on her Insta account to show some love. Thank you queen!

DBN Gogo

Since we arrived a little bit too early for the queen on the decks, DBN Gogo wasn’t really ready to stand in front of our cameras. but she did express her love on social media… we love you girl!


Lalla Hirayama

May be an image of 1 person, standing and rose

Although her bae was around, Lalla couldn’t stop blushing on seeing the rose-filled gift box… no lady can say no to roses and chocolates after all!

Candice Modiselle

May be an image of 1 person, standing and outdoors

Such a bubbly character! Candice was very much delighted to see the E-SA team walk towards her with the gift box, so much that she even spoke in her mother tongue to express her gratitude. By the way, she looks even more prettier in person!


The bearded fashion icon, was also very welcoming and glad that he won’t have to stress about finding a gift for his partner!

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DJ DeJavu

Came along with with Ringo Madlingozi’s son, Buntu to collect the gift and she made sure that her fans knew about it too on Insta..

Main Image: Omanghana