[SEE] Kanye West pulls a miracle stunt and walks on water with his kids at a church service

Kanye West’s religious choir and prayer performance group Sunday Service has made headlines once again after the rapper pulled a miracle stunt.

The rapper, singer, songwriter, entrepreneur, fashion designer (and potentially now preacher) lived up to his ”Yeezus/Jesus” pseudonym by walking on water with his kids during his famous Sunday services.

Kanye West Walks On Water With His Kids At A Church Service

There was drama at Kanye West’s Sunday Service celebration this week after the American presidential hopeful and rapper, pulled a biblical miracle stunt, and walked on water with his seven-year-old daughter North and four-year-old son Saint.

The rapper, 43, was filmed by his wife Kim Kadarshian, ‘walking over a lake’ as he made an entrance into the church service where Lakewood Church senior pastor and televangelist Joel Osteen, 57, had been enlisted to deliver a sermon.

Kanye West Walks On Water With His Kids At A Church Service

A video shared on Kim’s Instagram page showed the third-party presidential candidate joined by his seven-year-old daughter North and four-year-old son Saint pulling a theatrical entrance – emulating an act reported in the Christian Bible where Jesus walked on water.

However, Kanye’s stunt was performed by walking on a translucent platform hidden just beneath the surface of the pond – although that was not exposed in the video.

Kanye started his Sunday Service celebrations last year, which sees the rapper being joined in by a choir for prayers and performance.

In his recent service, he together with the choir and televangelist Joel performed while ‘standing on water’.

Kanye’s latest Sunday Service stunt comes after it was revealed he has spent nearly $6million of his own money on his presidential campaign since launching it in July.

He is still hopeful to run for president albeit Revelations that just last Thursday, Arizona state Judge Scott McCoy and Richmond, VA Circuit Judge Joi Taylor both ordered state election officials to keep the hip-hop star’s name off the general election ballots. Implying he cannot partake in this year’s American presidential run.

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