[SEE] Lootlove handling split from Reason quite well, she’s even laughing about it!

Lootlove broke up with her ex-boyfriend and baby daddy, rapper Reason, back in May. At the time, she said the split was hurtful. However, she’s in a much better space now. The radio is able to laugh at jokes about the relationship and even took to social media to play along with fans.

Loot tweeted, “Yho, I hope you guys release me one day via the Reason jokes, niyaditriggerisha (y’all are triggering me).”

This just caused fans to go even harder in hilariously playing around with Reason’s name all over her mentions. Lusanda Somdaka wrote, “Reasonable mntase (friend). I don’t understand people’s reasoning. I mean, there was no reason for you to even ask because you have a valid reason. But, I guess they have their own personal reason.”

Lootlove and Reason were the definition of relationship goals until just a few months ago. Loot had taken to social media to release a statement announcing their split. The pair remain committed to co-parenting their adorable twins.

Main Image: The Citizen