See: New meme alert, Tito Mboweni’s face after eating chilli!

As if getting songs made about him is not enough exposure for honorable Tito Mboweni, the wealthy former South African National Reserve Bank governor has found himself on trends list again, this time around it was self-inflicted.

In a hilarious Twitter post, Tito posted a picture of his sweaty face and captioned it “Be careful of East African chillies at official functions! Too hot and you will sweat badly!! Not good for you…. But tasty… (sic)”

The tweet left tweeps both shocked and in stitches, one tweep even gave Tito the nickname “Tito ‘Keith Sweat’ Mboweni”.

With tweeps always finding pictures to make hilarious memes out of, we have no doubt this picture will make the cut.

Take a look at the hilarious snap and the reactions below:

Main Image Credit: Twitter

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