[SEE] Stogie T defends himself after being called homophobic on Twitter

Stogie T denied he’s homophobic or transphobic in a series of tweets after a users claimed he was.

Stogie was responding to a post from a Siphiwe Ndlovu account which had a photo that seems to be a queer couple celebrating their relationship

The initial tweet read,

Stogie commented on the picture and asked if the couple is ”gay gay” and went further to say he supports the LGBTI community.

While some tweeps support Stogie T on this one, a lot of them think he deserves to be recalled for this one and needs to take responsibility for his words and apologize to the LGBTI community.

Majority of the users came out to support the rapper, saying some gay people should just embrace who they are and stop looking for validation.

Main Image: Red Bull