[SEE] Twitter shocked to see Bonang attending Somizi’s mom funeral!

It is no secret that Bonang Matheba and Somizi are no longer best of friends following their fallout back in 2016. Details of their fallout were a bit sketchy, but from what we picked up, Bonang was mad at Somizi for spilling the beans on her former relationship between AKA before it even went public.

Anyways, that’s old news.. What we are on about today is Twitter’s shock after seeing Bonang Matheba attending the funeral of her former bestie’s mother, Mary Twala. It is quite clear that tweeps weren’t expecting to see the champagne queen attending the funeral service after she hardly sent any condolences to SomGaga after the saddening news broke out.

Tweeps were quick too bash bashed Bonang for not tweeting her condolences. Instead, she pulled up to support Somizi in person. Now that’s Bonang Matheba for you!

Twitter had a lot to say about this move and ended up pushing Bonang’s name on top of trends list:

We are not going to speculate on anything as yet, but could this be the beginning of a reunion between the former besties?

Main Image: Timeslive