Seems like there will be no rest this year: December 2020 Public holidays

Oh, hello December! We are on the second day of the last month for this crazy year. Surely you have been asking yourself when year 2020 will finish, well, the great news is that we are almost at the end of the year.

Since September there hasn’t really been any public holiday, which is why it’s very important that we enjoy this festive season to the best of our abilities but do all of that responsibly. We are only 30 days away from unlocking a brand-new year, and two weeks from the first December public holiday for the year, which is the Day of Reconciliation.

Below are the public holidays for the month:

16 December 2020: Our Day of Reconciliation falls on a Wednesday – for many, this will be the start of their Christmas holidays.

25 December 2020: Christmas Day falls on a Friday this year, meaning a lot of SAns will be working up to Christmas Eve.

26 December 2020: The Day of Goodwill will take place on a Saturday – which always feels like we’ve lost a holiday…

31 December 2020: Though technically not a public holiday, it’s an important date for the diary. New Year’s Eve is on a Thursday.

1 January 2021: This means New Year’s Day – an actual public holiday – will be on a Friday.

Remember, in between the holidays, you must rest bafethu! Happy December.

Main Image: Michel Zbinden