Shashi Naidoo celebrates 3 years of singleness while posing naked

If being single at age 40 looks this hot? Then we are definitely here for it. Shashi Naidoo is celebrating being a bachelorette for 3 years now and she is doing it in style.

The actress, television presenter, model, MC, entrepreneur and fashion blogger took to her Instagram page to post an image of herself showing her entire skin. “I have been single for three years. Please congratulate me for my bachelors degree in singleness,” – Shashi captioned her post.

Shashi is one who is not afraid to show off her sexy and she’s even been voted as one of FHM’s sexiest women in the world for two years running, and has appeared on Cosmo’s cover as well as Sports Illustrated. She even won the second season of Tropika Island of Treasure in 2009!

Shashi Naidoo celebrates 3 years of singleness while posing naked
Shashi Naidoo celebrates 3 years of singleness. Picture: Instagram

After dating reality TV contestant Ismail Hendricks in 2005, Shashi married Mark Sandler in December 2009 but the couple only lasted for two years. This is not the first time Shashi’s taken a break from relationships. After her divorce, she fixed her sights on her career, and rocketed to stardom in South Africa.

Shashi dated South African Billionaire Priven Reddy for a while, but the pair split in 2017. Since then, she’s been focussing on herself, taking some adventures with her gal pals, and pretty much living the fab single life.

Whoever steals her heart needs to be a special kind of person ‘cause Shashi’s got her life sorted. She recently posted about a new audition, so we’re holding thumbs that we’ll see her on our screens in the new year!


Main Image: Gaenor Artiste Management