Shimza says Mzansi Hip-Hop is dead: “we don’t have hip hop cats anymore”

When it comes to stating his feelings and views about anything that concerns music, well-known Afrohouse giant DJ Shimza insisted and opinionated that the South African hip-hop scene is down and they should up their game if they want to take the genre back to the days when it ruled the airwaves. It wouldn’t be the first time whereby the genre fell off and needed the likes of Legendary rappers HHP and Prokid to put it back on the map of South African music, the two rappers unfortunately passed on. Shimza was chatting to hip-hop DJ Ms Cosmo when he claimed that the genre is dead. The star was speaking to radio personality and hip-hop DJ Ms Cosmo recently. The DJ pleaded with Ms Cosmo and the hip-hop culture in South Africa to up their game because the genre that once dominated in South Africa  “is at the bottom” currently.

Shimza shared that he doesn’t hate hip-hop. He said he usually books hip-hop acts during his One Man Show events. The star said Blxckie and AKA are the only artists who are currently doing well when it comes to the genre. Some social media users agreed with Shimza. Check out some of their comments below: @NombusoTheZulu said: “Dj Shimza is right, though…”

@TheEazyEd commented: “Very right!. Hip Hop is dead….we don’t have hip hop cats anymore.”

Shimza ignited a heated Gqom and Afrohouse debate In other entertainment news, It was also reported that Afrohouse DJ Shimza sparked a heated debate on social media recently when he claimed Dlala Thukzin’s Phuze Remix belongs to Afrohouse music.

Are we going to witness the Hip Hop cats make a major comeback or should we just accept what currently is? We will find out eventually.

Main Image: timeslive