Sho Madjozi helps SA women with music production scholarship.

It’s time to appreciate the new initiatives women are taking to help their female counterparts achieve their goals and feel empowered.. Starting with Sho Madjozi, the award-winning musician who is planning to help SA women “take up space” in music production through a scholarship.

Sho shared details of the scholarship for aspiring female producers on Twitter, saying the technical side of music was quite male-dominated and she’d like to see more women in that space.

Sho explained that the concept of women helping other women comes after teaming up with the Bridges Academy which is based in Langa, Cape Town.

“The technical side of music is so male-dominated and I’d like to see more women in that space. That’s why I’ve created a scholarship for a female producer to attend the Bridges Academy in Langa. The five-month course starts in a few weeks and you can apply here.”

The scholarship will be a holistic program that will allow entrants to tap into their true potential to become the best version of themselves while developing a community and building a network with other students and industry facilitators.

Clearly Sho Madjozi is taking steps that demonstrate just how powerful women can be when they join forces. I hope that in future there will be more women voicing their opinions in the workplace, in academia, during social events and in other ways that will encourage females to follow their passions and voice their opinions by supporting one another.

Image: AtekerTv