Bontle Modiselle partners with 4th Street wine

A few glasses of wine usually lead to the dance floor (whether you can dance or not)… that is why it is no surprise to us that queen of dancing, Bontle Modiselle/Moloi has partnered with 4th Street wine to add volume to those little voices in our heads that shout ”dance” when we are a little tipsy.

The influencer took to her social media to announce her new partnership with 4th street wine.

The star made this known through her Instagram expressing how excited to join the family.

In the post she shared, Bontle was seen showing off her moves as she stated that she has partnered with the wine company on a dope augmented reality experience incorporating dance moves that she created. 

Bontle captioned: “GREAT NEWS!! I’m so excited to announce that I have partnered with @4thstreetwine on a dope Augmented Reality experience incorporating dance moves that I created! How COOL?!?!? Use your phone to explore the virtual 360° world and learn the Flex. Visit @4thstreetwine and click the link in their bio to try it out.”

See post below:

Main Image: Iharare news