Big investors turning to online trading

In the last couple of years, online trading has become a major attraction for professional and inexperienced investors.

Nowadays, big investors prefer investing their money in the global financial markets. Similarly, inexperienced people have found that online trading could be a main source of additional income.

Experts say that today more and more people with no investment experience are taking advantage of the opportunities that online trading provides.

People from the age of 30 to 43, with and without trading knowledge are investing their money every day in trading currencies, stocks or gold on the global financial markets.

There are many reasons for people to prefer online trading over any other type of investment and here are just a few of them:

1. Great comfort

Being open 24/7, the global financial markets allow investors to trade at their convenience. Early in the morning, late at night or whenever they have free time.

Additionally, some traders take advantage of the opportunity to invest with their mobile phones and smartphones, using the mobile trading apps. This way, they can earn money whenever they spot a profit opportunity.

2. Without a brocker

Nowadays, the broker has been largely replaced by online trading platforms that give investors direct access to financial markets.

Trading online allows investors to minimise the transaction costs associated with each trade. Rather than paying a broker commission on every trade, when trading online investors typically pay much lower transaction costs.

Additionally, trading online gives investors control that would otherwise lie with the broker, and allows traders to make their own decisions rather than relying on the judgment of another individual.

3. Small investment

In the past two years, online trading has attracted a great number of expert investors and inexperienced people and one of the main reasons is the small amount of investment required to get started.

Today, anyone can start trading on the global financial markets with as little as a 3000 ZAR investment.

4. Fast profits

Online trading is a type of investment that allows instant profits. Investors can place a trader when they a see profit opportunity and profit within a short period.

By trading online only in their free time, some investors have registered bigger profits than with any other type of investment. Some traders say that it takes them no more than 20 minutes to place a trade and collect their profits.

Because it requires no education and previous experience, online trading is available not only to big investors but to anyone who has the desire to invest in the global financial markets.

You can start today or anytime you want and learn with a free online trading course.

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