Blue Mbombo’s Major Business Move

Yep, it’s been confirmed, Blue Mbombo will now be running her own magazine in partnership with Moziak Magazine as a partner.

This announcement comes after she was busy curating content for Condé Nast (media house for the likes of Vogue Magazine) at their recent conference in Cape Town.

According to a statement released this week, Moziak Magazine is an online culture publication focused on telling authentic African stories, with a footprint in South Africa, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, the USA and the UK.

Blue mentioned that considering the fast-growing nature of the digital world, it made business sense for her to own an online magazine.

“With the trajectory of where digital is going, owning an online magazine makes good business sense,” shares Blue Mbombo. She adds: “I was drawn to Moziak Magazine because of their great content and continental footprint. I’m excited to join a team of disruptors and trendsetters and I look forward to bringing my creativity alive in a magazine format. “

Blue holds the Creative Producer title at Moziak Magazine and is said to play a crucial role in the creative direction of all Moziak covers going forward.

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